Exclusive: Full Length Interview With Justina Pelletier

Parents disagreed with doctors and lost thier teen!

FOX 61

After months of anguish, there is joy in the Pelletier household.

Fox CT spent the day alongside the family Justina Pelletier returned home for the first time in 16 months.

For the first time, the world is hearing Justina’s take on the custody battle that all began because of differing opinions about her medical condition.

But now, she’s at home in her parents’ custody without any strings attached and she’s literally “home free”.

At 10 o’clock Wednesday morning, Linda Pelletier, drove her daughter Justina out of the Thompson, CT, youth educational facility where she’s lived the past month, marking the end of a nightmare for her family.

Sixteen months of life without her daughter was over.

“It’s a very happy moment, the best moment of my entire life,” said Linda Pelletier.

On Tuesday, the Boston Judge presiding over the case officially returned Justina to her parents’ custody.

It was Joseph…

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