Our Agenda, Summer 2014 Birth Justice Fair

Bay Area Birth Justice Fair Summer 2014. Breastfeeding, A gift for Life!


Vendor / Sponsor Set up 12 noon
Opening Circle
Good Birth Keeper Award Presentation 1pm
Presentation: Tongue Tie – a breastfeeding challenge and triumph
Mom Shauna Wiley, and Breastfeeding consultant, Peggy Hinkle discuss this common but very much misdiagnosed breastfeeding challenge. 1:30pm

Thermomagraphy – Dr Nancy Gardner with educate about an exciting, holistic and noninvasive tool for screening of the breasts as well as health in the entire body. 2:15pm
Children’s Yoga with Carmen will begin in children’s space at 3:00 pm

The Panel: 3:30 pm
Parents and experts discuss the importance and challenges of breastfeeding and answer audience questions!
Panel end and set up for film commences 5:30pm
Short Music Video and discussion “Teach me how to Breastfeed” 6:00 pm
Lactation Consultant TaNafer Lumukanda (Highland Hospital)
Gives us the back story on her historic video!
Film: The Milky Way 6:30 pm
This documentary explores the challenges and…

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