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Midwives of Color


They are small, as small as our own children are now, or once were. They are alone and afraid.  

Tens of thousands of child refugees from Central America are arriving alone at the U.S. border without anyone to protect them, many driven from their homes by organized crime, gangs, and violence.

*Will you join us in speaking up for the child refugees?

The average age of the child refugees is thirteen years old, and approximately 40% are girls.[1] Even girls who are little more than preschool-aged are being targeted by gangs and criminals in Central America. Leaving their countries is often a last resort. If these child refugees are sent back from the U.S., then many face additional threats of violence and even death.[2]

This is a humanitarian emergency.

*Join us in speaking up for the child refugees. Help us tell Congress and the President…

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