A request for community support!

From the Director’s Desk;
Hello dear friends, I am writing to ask for your support!
It is my plan to restart our community doula program, Shiphrah’s Circle, this April!
Shiphrah’s Circle promises to finally provide the fullest support to and expression of woman’s and families reproductive and family life choices in the Bay Area. And to my knowledge we will be the only doulas providing all of the following services out of one practice:
Pregnancy Testing
Birth Doula Support
Full Spectrum (Abortion) Doula Support
Childbirth Education
Breastfeeding Education
Bereavement Counseling (Grief support for loss due to miscarriage, abortion, or infant death)
Parenting Education and support
Referrals to local midwives and OB’s
Adoption information and referrals (Adoption doulas)
My staff is beyond excited at the opportunity to provide these services to our community and our goal is to do our work at low or no fee. This is where your help is very much needed!
Please consider making a contribution to our organization:
To give a tax deductible gift please visit the web site of our fiscal sponsor, MotherHealthInternational.org and click their donate page. Please not that you are donating to Oakland Better Birth Foundation in the comments field in PayPal to be sure the funds find their way to us
You may contribute towards Shiphrahs Circle by purchasing a copy of my book Children’s Village Tales of an Urban Nana – 20 percent of the net proceeds of the book will be donated to the work of Oakland Better Birth Foundation / Shiprahs Circle.The book is available from,
https://www.createspace.com/5926898 visit this link and you will be stepped through the process.
Some donation suggestion:
800.00 will provide birth doula services to a family
250.00 will provide a childbirth or breastfeeding education class to a family.
35.00 will provide an hour of counseling, coaching, hypnotherapy or nutrition coaching to a family
35.00 will provide an hour of in home postpartum care
200.00 will allow is to host a baby shower for a family who otherwise would not have a circle of gifting, support and blessing on their new family life.
We will also need donations of healthy breakfast items, as it our goal to be sure that every mother who comes to us has the opportunity to have a healthy and hearty breakfast. Safeway gifts cards are a great way to donate food – you may also dropp off items such as fruit, cereal, eggs, milk vegetables (to make omelets) various teas to me email me on lsamsaragmorgan@gmail.com to arrange this. Diapers, baby clothes, and blankets will always be appreciated!
And last but not least you can help us by spreading the word of our work! Please share on your Facebook wall our program invitation, (https://www.facebook.com/events/1532576170404335/) and feel free to share this letter far and wide. As well as to let any families and women who may need our services know what we are offering.
Although our focus is providing care to underserved communities and communities of color, we will welcome and any all who approach us for family life counseling education and support!
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank MotherHealth of International, Rachel Zaslow, ED and Dr Frank Brown OB/GYN and Director of ReGynesis Health Services for partnering with us in bringing this vision to birth and I look forward to our having a powerful effect in the reduction of infant and maternal mortality rates in Alameda County and the East Bay!
If you have any questions, please feel free to call me on 510 496-3491.
Thank you for considering our request and know that I wish you and yours the very best always.
Samsarah Morgan, ED and Doula
Oakland Better Birth Foundation
Shiphrah’s Circle Community Doula Program
Our partners:

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