Regarding the Slaying Of Jessica Williams

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Regarding the Slaying of Jessica Williams

We, the founder and board members of Oakland Better Birth Foundation decry the murder of African American expectant mother, Jessica Williams on the streets of San Francisco.   We are fed up with excessive use of force by police upon unarmed citizens; and feel that police should receive training adequate to assist them in the apprehension of an unarmed pregnant citizen. Surely there are details of this crime that must be revealed – but no matter the story or situation, no one should have to die because they “possibly” stole a car.

And no matter the story or circumstance, the loss of this human being and her unborn child is a crime, which deserves to be fully investigated , explained and resolved; with appropriate restitution given to her family.  Even as we know that there is no way to ever fully compensate her family and our community for the loss of 2 generations of one family in one awful act.

We wish to extend our heart felt condolences to Ms William’s family and friends.

 #‎SayHerName Jessica Williams


Samsarah Morgan, Xandrea J. Sanford,Heather Moore-Farley, Laura Cox

Christina Urista, Tora Spigner


Report from SF Examiner

Woman Killed by Sf Police SF Gate


Our Mission Statement:

To expand the conversation around reproductive choices and to address the appalling rate of infant and maternal mortality in the City of Oakland as well as the County of Alameda in its entirety.

To promote and educate the public about the vital role of traditional midwifery services and securing good birth outcomes for all women and especially women of color.

To provide financial support and education to those wishing to avail themselves traditional midwifery and doula services as well as other traditional health practitioners historically shown to support and improve birth outcomes.

To provide financial support and mentoring to those wishing to pursue a career as a traditional midwife, doula or childbirth educator.

To address the mental, emotional and spiritual concerns that arise on our parenting/child rearing journey, by providing therapeutic services, educational workshops and skill building for children, couples, parents and families, individually or in groups, at affordable prices.

L. Samsarah Morgan, DD Cht., Executive Director 510-595-5534

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