Post Election Message to our life givers

Hello All,

The enclosed message was live streamed off our foundation FaceBook page yesterday. I apologize for the fuzziness!

I wanted to share my concern for pregnant people and their  infants as they attempt to process what to many  was  very disappointing election results.

For more its more than disappointment – for them this decision may be life threatening – as the fear of possible deportation , support of religious abuse, and harassment may be triggered by the election of one who has stared that this will be prevailing policies of their presidency.

I am hoping for the best and if families find themselves overly anguished – please reacy out to us for sup pot or for appropriate referrals to a support provider – Please know that you are on our minds and hearts.

We will walk through these challenges together.


Samsarah Morgan ED Oakland Better Birth Foundation


The following is my first post of the day on my personal FaceBook Page


Well the dust is beginning to settle it’s my opinion that the the most amazed person in America is Mr. Trump.
There’s no way he expected win this election . No. Way.
I suspected all along that some thing very fishy was going on here – this man was pushing his “the Donald ” character to the limit … and that’s what 1/3 or this nonsense has been – a performance.
The arrogant , numb , 1% always out of touch with the people ,didn’t accurately the understand amount of race hatred ,privilege ,and scarcity the real Americans walk with everyday.
They also didn’t realize how much white feminists talk but don’t act (they didn’t vote for their candidate )or how conservatives would vote for someone they personally despise to protect what they feel are their personal and religious freedoms .
I truly believe that this man didn’t think he would win.
I believe the rumors that he was getting ready to parlay this election into his running a television network – that’s up his alley – he would have been great at that !
Now he’s got to be president of the United States . He cant back down , he can’t run away, he’s got to do it or screw up the possibility of that network and other ventures in the future .
It’s all been a tremendous marketing fail – or a strange, wild success depending on your view.
Our only hope is that Mr trump has been playing a role – that this person he’s revealed publicly isn’t the person who kisses his spouse good night at the end of the day.
I’m betting that he’s a good NY boy – I’m praying for this actually .
He’s a bit older than me – but we are both New Yorkers, and New Yorkers born and raised in a city that loves their country. When Donald and I were kids – being president was an occupation some kids yearned for…
now he’s got the gig… and our only hope is that Donald gets that this is all a miracle – and possibly he’s there for a noble purpose .
Perhaps Donald , will dig deep and decide to really give this his best shot . He can decide to really be a great president .
He’s got enough of his own money to not be as beholding to special interests as others who have held that office. He pretty much self funded his campaign … this leaves a bit of room for him to truly go his own way…. and I’m praying that that way will end up serving this country .
I am praying with all I am that even a portion of this is true .
I am sending love and light to Mr Trump. I am praying that His heart open and that his New York soul step into this challenge , I pray that his huge ego be put to noble purpose and that he put every effort into being the best president this country has ever had.
Let’s go Donald !
He’s your chance !
Be number 1!
Provide for people,feed them, end needless death , support immigration and protect the dreamers, enhance civil rights , don’t take them away,facilitate peace, heal racism,save the planet Donald !!!!
Do it, you run one of the most massive corporations on this planet.
Take those skills and be a force for good – be remembered with love as we remember FDR.
We love him so deep that no one cares that he was habitually unfaithful to his wife who herself was one of the greatest humans who ever lived – why don’t we care ? Because that presidency feed , clothed and employed people of all races!
Be great , Donald !
You can do this !

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