I’m off call !!!

And as much as this year has been a certifiable challenge, I would be remiss if I didn’t give thanks and show appreciation for the outstanding group of women who work with me.

My apprentices Kayla Lewis and Jessalyn Dooly Ballerano Cristina Marisol.

My students Priscilla Enninful Marna Armstead BiBi DeeDee Ramey Melody Christelle Moon

My wonderful associate doula Jinny Pagle Doula and lactation cookie baker extraordinaire! My powerful and devoted ally and lactation educator  Laura Cox

I want to thank wonderful community members who volunteered this year to help families and young Momma’s in need Ken Bagwell Theresa Anderson Syan de LuMargh Roke Noir Soul Luciani Liza Rankow Mariah Carle Christina Hildebrand Laura Marina Perez Maowunyo de Asis Gena Kirby Elika Aird Xandrea J. Sanford WendyEllen Cochran Rab’ia Keeble @ so many others.
Appreciation and thanks to our fiscal sponsor Mother Health International and Rachel Zaslow .

Thanks and love to my powerful and loving advisory board members. (For some reason my phone won’t  let me keep tagging so I will add you later. Feel my love in the meantime.😊)Heather Moore-Farley Tora Spigner laura Cox Cristina Marisol Libertad Rivera

Thank you, Jeff Perlstein SoleSpace and Sandhya Jha Oakland Peace Center for giving our programs a nest to gestate and grow!

Rachel Cullen Farkash for being the best daughter in law a mom could ask for and for your gorgeous flyers and emotional support!

Thank you, Lita Mikrut,artwork, for your artwork and support with producing “The Birth Plan”.

Thank you, Marilyn Gordon, for being a fountain of emotional, business support and mother love for me – always and for a very long time!

I want to thank my family, my beautiful children, children in law, and grandchildren who are the fuel of my life force.

I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful team and loving community. We are needed, I look forward to our continuing to ensure the best birth and life possible for our Oakland babies, our Bay Area babies, for all babies, children and their families everywhere!

Thank you !!!!
Samsarah Morgan ED
The Oakland Better Birth Foundationwhat-is-done-in-love



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