A request!

A request:
but first a thank you! Thank you, to the wonderful mommas who are making donations of breast pumps to me. I am going to be sure that they are given good homes ❤
I;d like to ask you to please include a picture of yourself with your breast pump – perhaps one of you and your nursling.
I think it would a very powerful gesture for a new mom to know how her “new’ pump was used and the story of another mother’s breastfeeding joy and struggles.
Pumps and supplies can be left on my front porch at any time – please leave them clean and ready to be sterilized. If you can afford to buy a new set of tubing – and include that – it would be most appreciated.
Thank you for your generosity and for your gift of life 1 for nursing your own child and 2 for helping another mother do the same!
Samsarah Morgan ED
Oakland Better Birth Foundation

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