Thank you, Stacey Abrams!

For your fierce advocacy in support of reducing infant and maternal mortality for African American mothers !!

Across the country, Black mothers are subject to maternal health challenges at alarmingly high rates, and Black women overall suffer disproportionately from a lack of access to quality reproductive care. The acknowledgement of this national crisis by our state and federal policymakers is a critical step towards closing the racial health gap facing Black women, children, and birthing persons. BMMA urges more political leaders to join us as we work to improve maternal health outcomes for all Black Mamas.

From her Democratic response to the State of the Union Address.

While I very much appreciate her statement , I must say that I’d wish she addresses as well that issues of racism and white supremacy are the causes of the incredibly poor outcomes in the back community.

I wish she’d spoken on the vital importance of culturally competent care and MIDWIFERY and that the US need to join the rest of the industrialized world in having midwives as the primary health providers for pregnant women.

Yes, I wanted more – but I thank Ms Abrams for opening the conversation on the world stage .

Samsarah Morgan

Executive Director

Oakland Better Birth Foundation

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