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Thank you, Stacey Abrams!

For your fierce advocacy in support of reducing infant and maternal mortality for African American mothers !!

Across the country, Black mothers are subject to maternal health challenges at alarmingly high rates, and Black women overall suffer disproportionately from a lack of access to quality reproductive care. The acknowledgement of this national crisis by our state and federal policymakers is a critical step towards closing the racial health gap facing Black women, children, and birthing persons. BMMA urges more political leaders to join us as we work to improve maternal health outcomes for all Black Mamas.

From her Democratic response to the State of the Union Address.

While I very much appreciate her statement , I must say that I’d wish she addresses as well that issues of racism and white supremacy are the causes of the incredibly poor outcomes in the back community.

I wish she’d spoken on the vital importance of culturally competent care and MIDWIFERY and that the US need to join the rest of the industrialized world in having midwives as the primary health providers for pregnant women.

Yes, I wanted more – but I thank Ms Abrams for opening the conversation on the world stage .

Samsarah Morgan

Executive Director

Oakland Better Birth Foundation

Our first birth of 2019!

Yesterday in the early morning hours, the city of San Francisco welcomed a new citizen !

Say hello to baby Miles! He is his parents’ prize after a very challenging labor . May this beautiful family grow in love and light together . May this son ever be the delight of his parents’ life. May he grow to be strong, loving, and brilliant; fed by the love so deeply felt by these parents for their first born child !

And may we, his community strive to be worthy of this sparking new life!

Baby 1016 for doula Samsarah

Baby 25 for doula Mika





Welcome to the Milk Bar – Joy to the world edition!

Dear Clients, Community , Family and Friends,

Please join me and the doulas of Shiphrah’s Circle Community Doula Program as we say good bye to 2018 and embrace a light filled vision for the New Year!

Plz come have a glass of wine and enjoy hor’dorves offered by our friend Tim Nugent and his staff at Shakewell restaurant. (Cocktails are available for purchase )

We plan to have spoken word by activist , momma and amazing human being , Aqueila Lewis!

Have you a poem or song you’d like to share about your journey as a parent, person or Birthworker ? An open mike will be available !

Raffle tickets will be available. Proceeds will support the work of Oakland Better Birth Foundation and its programs!

This is a kid friendly & free event!

I look forward to seeing you.

Happy Holidays! Happy New Year !

Samsarah Morgan

Founder , Executive Director

Oakland Better Birth Foundation


Join this movement!

Join this worldwide group:

The mission of this #normalizebfing photo project is to document diverse variations of normal breastfeeding across cultures and delivery methods of breast milk. Nursing, pumping, and donated breast milk are the simple ways we can all give our babies a great start in life.

#NursePumpDonate #NormalizeBreastfeeding

From the founder’s desk – 1st things first !


Having a closet full of baby clothes and plastic toys won’t help

You have your baby !

You need


Protein , whole grains , leafy greens and water! 3 meals a day – no skipped meals !

Exercise – even a brisk daily walk does wonders!

Honestly the baby will be fine with a couple of onesies , a receiving blanket and a warm blanket and some diapers to get started!

But baby won’t do well without its mother !

Spend the money on nurturing yourself… as best as you can..,

If you need help check out the food bank – let friends know that you’d appreciate food donations or food cooked for you !

Stay alive!

Your baby needs you!