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From the founder’s desk – 1st things first !


Having a closet full of baby clothes and plastic toys won’t help

You have your baby !

You need


Protein , whole grains , leafy greens and water! 3 meals a day – no skipped meals !

Exercise – even a brisk daily walk does wonders!

Honestly the baby will be fine with a couple of onesies , a receiving blanket and a warm blanket and some diapers to get started!

But baby won’t do well without its mother !

Spend the money on nurturing yourself… as best as you can..,

If you need help check out the food bank – let friends know that you’d appreciate food donations or food cooked for you !

Stay alive!

Your baby needs you!


Doula Momma Samsarah Announces with pride the birth of the 1000th baby in her private practice ! This is baby Emmi and her wonderful parents. I’d like to thank them and all of the amazing parents I have served over the past 38 years. Thank you for allowing me to live what I know is my life’s purpose, thank you for helping me to grow into a wise clear adult ! Thank you for your trust and for allowing me to be one of the first people to truly love your little angel!

Rest In Peace Baby Doctor!

I’m taking a moment to mourn the death of a giant this week.

Pediatrician T Barry Brazelton has passed away.

I’m grateful for his long life and his outstanding common sense and respectful care of children as well as respect for their mothers .

He was a soft spoken yet powerful voice for children and there is no one who can ever replace him.

May he Rest In Peace.

Love to his family and patients over the years .

Samsarah Morgan ED

Oakland Better Birth Foundation

Article on the good doctors life and death