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I have very mixed feelings here after watching the above post. How sad that a newborn has to ask its paretns to understand and have patience with it’s state of normal infnacy and dependance?
Most of the distress I see in families with newborns is that so many people have no idea of the reality of a new baby. Many have never even been babysitters- so the reality of the natural needs of a human child in infancy and beyond feel overwhelming.
Couples often don’t even have a peer group of friends raising kids who can help support and confirm what’s “normal “!
So the poor child becomes a problem and the parent becomes the victim of a myriad of industries who can’t wait to make money off them as they guarantee their ability to “Fix” your baby/child .
Children as young as 18 months are being prescribed incredibly serious medications to make them a “good “ baby!
A human infant isn’t a doll – it’s a person with fixed biological needs as well as a vast array of needs based on who they individually are and their genetics.
It’s a great idea to learn about this before conceiving. And it’s very possible to take a breath, relax and learn this day by day with your child.
Here is your mantra –
My child is perfect, and so am I.
I am the perfect parent for my child, and I’m open as my child reveals its perfection to me.
I have all that I need to meet my babies needs and my own.
I’m so grateful for the gift of this child – and I know my baby is grateful for me and needs me to see him/her – to see beyond the stresses to the perfect and loving person he/she is.
My baby is not a problem waiting to be solved.
My baby is living evidence of the creative power of Love.
I love my baby.
I love my self.
We are Whole perfect and complete!
Samsarah Morgan, Executive Director
Oakland Better Birth Foundation
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