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Join this movement!

Join this worldwide group:

The mission of this #normalizebfing photo project is to document diverse variations of normal breastfeeding across cultures and delivery methods of breast milk. Nursing, pumping, and donated breast milk are the simple ways we can all give our babies a great start in life.

#NursePumpDonate #NormalizeBreastfeeding

From the founder’s desk – 1st things first !


Having a closet full of baby clothes and plastic toys won’t help

You have your baby !

You need


Protein , whole grains , leafy greens and water! 3 meals a day – no skipped meals !

Exercise – even a brisk daily walk does wonders!

Honestly the baby will be fine with a couple of onesies , a receiving blanket and a warm blanket and some diapers to get started!

But baby won’t do well without its mother !

Spend the money on nurturing yourself… as best as you can..,

If you need help check out the food bank – let friends know that you’d appreciate food donations or food cooked for you !

Stay alive!

Your baby needs you!