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Dear exhausted, heavily pregnant mother

“Dear exhausted, heavily pregnant mother:

Your labor will happen. It’ll happen even if you DON’T have sex or eat spicy food or see an acupuncturist or drink a special tea, or use castor or evening primrose oils. It’ll happen even if you DON’T take homeopathics or measure your cervix. It’ll happen even if your baby is posterior, anterior, vertex, breech, transverse or re-enacting the civil war with jazz hands. Your labor will start even if you DON’T go get that non-stress test every week or allow your OB to “check you” or your midwife to “strip you”. No one is pregnant forever. If you put water over high heat…it’s gonna boil. Even without you obsessively checking on it, taking its temperature and running tests on it.

Stop sending your body the message that you don’t trust it enough to go into labor when it needs to. Stop calling your body wisdom “stupid”. My god- if anyone is going to believe in your ability to labor and have your own baby…let it start with you!” Ashley Neffleburt

The Birth Plan is Here!

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SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Companion Training in Oakland in January !

The SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Companion (SMC FCDBC)Training is the premier dual certification program for the labor and postpartum doula. The SMC FCDBC training, is built on the legacy of the 20th Century African American midwife, and it is a rite of passage to birth work. Next SMC training is January 2018 in Oakland, CA. SMC FCDBC is formerly known as the ICTC Full Circle Doula Birth Companion training. To register visit, email:, or call 503-281-1688.

Samsarah Morgan, SMC Full Circle Doula Certified Trainer and ED of Oakland Better Birth Foundation looks forward to greeting you at the oakland training !

The meaning of professional

I’m a birth professional – my profession evolved with my species, in the hearts and hands of my ancestors , women who who learned and taught what’s was needed to support human birth.

Women humble to the creator of their understanding and worlds of the living and the dead.

Women whose sacred responsibility was to walk between these worlds with and rejoice with a birthing mother and her community as her baby is born …

And rarely , to support the hearts of the community when a baby did not join us in the land of the living .

I’m honored to be part of the tradition and ministry of being a Birthworker .

Samsarah Morgan ED

Oakland Better Birth Foundation


Goodbye Mr Hefner

Good bye Mr. Hefner ,

Yesterday I read that hugh Hefner , founder of playboy magazine died at 91. Without thinking I posted the New York Times post on my Facebook wall, I added the comment rest in peace.

I did this without thinking , and I did this because this is who I wish to be ; a person who honors when life is ended , no matter whose life it is,

Yet, as the day went on I felt a growing anger. And I felt it important tomy being to say some more about this matter , this man and how he and other aspects of the so called sexual revolution caused damage to the young woman I once was.

It’s was already my sad fate to,have been raised in a household brimming with sexual, emotional and spiritual abuse. And then, I has the puzzling experince of coming to womanhood during the time where I was told that my freedom depended upon my sexual availability . Saying no was a sign of being repressed , or worse yet controlling. My value and my empowerment came from having all the sex my partner wanted , having no personal needs except to say yes to and have as much sex as possible .

Certainly wanting closeness , communication or commitment was uncool and should be avoided by the emancipated woman …

It was all rubbish certainly, and for my soul a perpetuation of the sexual abuse of my childhood.

Playboy magazine , cosmopolitan , and other publications felt it their duty to inform me that orgasims were my right and that I should demand them. No where was information on the importance of communication, empathy, true passion and trust that was required for two human beings to explore, care and value each other enough that orgasms are the natural result.

Mr Heffner , in my opinion has been the spokes man for immature broken masculinity. From the immaturity comes that false sense of privilege and anger when one doesn’t get their way. It’s one of the seeds of what we now call rape culture .

I’m speaking here about my journey . The point of any revolution is freedom . This means that everyone has the freedom and support in exploring what the words sexuality , gender, and orientation mean to us individuals , and the then the courage to reach out and communicate who we are to our peers with out judgement or injury .

The US still has much healing to do from its repressed and shaming Puritan beginnings . It is my opinion that the preaching of the Playboy man or the Cosmo girl hasn’t helped this healing . I am heart warmed as i recall the compassionate therapists, and grounded spiritual leaders and precious sexual partners , who assisted me in the development of my own sexual unfolding , and I rejoice in my absolute pleasure and acceptance of myself and my own sexual and emotional energy and power .

My wish today is that all people have the same opportunity.

Samsarah Morgan C2017

The erotic has been used against women. It has been made into the confused, the trivial, the psychotic, the plas- ticized sensation. For this reason, we have often turned away from the exploration and consider- ation of the erotic as a source of power and information, confusing it with its opposite, the pornographic. But pornography is a direct denial of the power of the erotic, for it represents the suppression of true feeling. Pornography emphasizes sensation without feeling.

~Audre Lorde

Oakland Breastfeeding Festival & Latch On 8/27/17 3-6pm Lake Merritt !


Oakland Better Birth Foundation & Bay Area Birth Justice Fairs and Forums Present:

In celebration of National Breastfeeding Month and Black Breastfeeding Week – Let’s show up and represent for Oakland and our Breastfeeding, Pumping, and Milk Sharing Familes!

Bring kids, and food to share.

Lake Merrit’s “Kids’ Kingdom”. We will picnic near the Saturn Playground! The playground is on the lake side of Bellevue Avenue (between Staten Avenue and Perkins Street).

((Look for balloons))

We will share food, hear speakers and have a one-minute nurse-in in solidarity with nursing familes worldwide!

Watch this invite for more information as it becomes available!

See you there!

All are welcome!

This is a pot luck ! Bring something to share – children are welcome , especially nurslings!

This is a FREE event but your donations are welcome to further the work of the Oakland Better Birth Foundation.

Facebook event link for more details!