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A word to the life bringers 11.24.14 as the events unfold in Ferguson MO and across the country

Pregnant mommas, especially pregnant mommas of color. I am going to make a very hard request of you, For the sake of your heart and that of your unborn child (especially if you know your baby is a boy. Get off face book and turn off the TV. Take a warm bath and try to rest – let your village fight for you as you do us the honor of bring the next generation into the world . your baby can be very negatively affected by your fears and concerns – and this doesn’t meant hat your stick your head in the sand – but pace yourself with the intensity thats flowing in your country tonight.
I love you and want you to have the blessing of a well born child.
Talk to your baby and assure him or her that you love it ….And that it is safe with you.
You are not alone, nor is your baby.
Pace yourself.
Walk in beauty.
Eat well.
What is growing inside you is our future.
Who knows?, perhaps one of your children will be the one who makes true change happen.
Do the best you can to surround yourself with as much beauty as is possible. Perhaps by meditating on the love you have for your baby.
Hold older children close and limit how much of this they are exposed to.
I send you all of my love.
Samsarah Morgan´╗┐/ urban nana